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Culinary Arts: Food History

This is a guide to information resources in the field of culinary arts.

A Few Food History Books

Food History Almanac: Over 1,300 Years of World Culinary History, Culture, and Social Influence

eBook Academic Collection

Encyclopedia of Kitchen History

eBook Academic Collection

Food: the history of taste

ML TX 353 .F668 2007

ML, AC TX 353 .C255 2000

The Cambridge World History of Food

Credo Reference

Near a Thousand Tables:  a history of food

ML TX353 .F437 2002

Jersey Shore Food History:  Victorian feasts to boardwalk treats

ML TX 645 .S355 2012

The Potlikker Papers:  a food history of the modern south

ML TX715.2.S68 E328 2018

A Thousand Years over a Hot Stove: a history of American women told through food, recipes, and remembrances

ML TX645 .S34 2003

Food in Medieval Times

AC TX641 .A33 2004

Getting What We Need Ourselves: how food has shaped African American life

AC GT2853 .U5 W34 2019

American Appetite: the coming of age of a national cuisine

ML TX 633 .B694 2000

Three Squares: the invention of the American meal

ML GT2853.U5 C38 2013

Gastropolis: food and New York City

ML GT2853.U5 G37 2009

Chop Suey, USA: the story of Chinese food in America

ML TX724.5.C5 C54417 2014

Also in the eBook Academic Collection.

The Jemima Code: two centuries of African American cookbooks

ML TX715.2.A47 T57 2015

A Taste for War: the culinary history of the Blue and the Gray

ML E468.9 .D285 2003

Food in the Gilded Age: what ordinary Americans ate

ML TX360.U6 D57 2016

Stirring the Pot: a history of African cuisine

ML GT2853.A35 M37 2009

Beans: a history

ML TX803.B4 A567 2007

Pepper: a history of the world's most influential spice

Ml TX406.P4 S53 2013

Consider the Fork:  a history of how we cook and eat

ML TX 656 .W56 2013

Pastrami on Rye: an overstuffed history of the Jewish deli

ML TX 945.4 .M47 2015

Food in Time and Place: The American Historical Association Companion to Food History

eBook Academic Collection

Global Jewish Foodways: A History

eBook Academic Collection

Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food

eBook Academic Collection 

A Dark History of Tea

 eBook Academic Collection

Oysters: A History

 eBook Collection

The Land of the Five Flavors: A Cultural History of Chinese Cuisine

eBook Academic Collection

The Makers of American Wine: A Record of Two Hundred Years

eBook Academic Collection

Turning the Tables: Restaurants and the Rise of the American Middle Class, 1880-1920

eBook Academic Collectionnts.

Pomodoro!: A History of the Tomato in Italy

eBook Collection

Wine: From Neolithic Times to the 21st Century

eBook Collection 

There’s lots more! Search the library catalogue or the eBook Collections for other titles.

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