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Culinary Arts: Food and the Arts

This is a guide to information resources in the field of culinary arts.

Glorious Food

Food has provided inspiration for artists of all types throughout the ages. Investigate books and other resources about food in the movies, in music, in fine art, and more. Or just check out a few examples.

Food and the Muse

Choice Cuts: a savory selection of food writing from around the world and throughout history
Food, film and culture : a genre study
Art and Food
Food in Film: A Culinary Performance of Communication
A Symphony of Flavors: Food and Music in Concert
Feast or Famine? Food and Children's Literature

A Few Examples

H. de Heem (17th century), Still Life. Dutch oil painting. Lush display of fruit, oysters, greenery, and silver salt cellar piled on small corner table.

Still life with onions, 1889, by Vincent van Gogh. Onions in a bowl on a table, with a candle, newspaper, pipe, drawing. Beside table, a jug and a bottle of wine

: A huge Russian soldier about to feed from a pot inscribed 'Little European States', German cartoon comment on Soviet Russia's territorial hunger (colour litho), German Photographer (20th Century)

Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Can (detail) . Paint on canvas. Can of Campbell's tomato soup on a white ground.

Frida Kahlo. Oil on canvas mounted on board, 1951. Vividly colored fruit on a table, with an emerald green parrot, against a cobalt background.

Lobster Roll, 2013 | Gina Beavers

Judy Chicago: The Dinner Party, 1974-79, mixed media