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Ask a Librarian: Frequently Asked Questions

Information about getting help in the libraries.

Library Off Campus Login

Where can I find the username and password for off campus access to library databases

Login required for off campus access  Off Campus access username and password can be found in Blackboard on the Institution Page section for Student Tools to Stay Connected at Atlantic Cape or you can Contact the library for username and password.

Printing and Copying

Are there Printers in the Library?

  • Black-and-white printers are available in all three libraries. 
  • Color printing is currently available at the main service desk in each library. Consult with a staff member.

How much does it cost?

  • The library provides free printing for students to print current class assignments.

What about photocopies?

  • All three libraries have scanners available. We recommend using them for replicating print documents.
  • All users are responsible for adhering to copyright laws.

Can I scan documents?

  • Scanners are available in all three libraries.
  • Scanned documents can be
    • printed.
    • saved on a USB drive or in the cloud.
    • Emailed as an attachment.
  • All users are responsible for adhering to copyright laws.
  • When copying personal, sensitive information, it is wise to restart the computer when you have finished scanning and saving your documents. This will prevent private information from remaining available on the computer.


Does the library have textbooks?

  • The library's Reserve Collection contains many (but not all) of the textbooks required for Atlantic Cape classes.

Search the Reserve Collection

  • Items in the Reserve Collection must be used in the library space. Scanning and photocopying is permitted.
  • All users are responsible for adhering to copyright laws.
  • Ebooks requiring access codes are not available in the library.
  • Term Loans: for a small number of classes, the library has required reading texts for the entire class. These might be delivered to your classroom, and you can keep them for as long as the reading assignment lasts. They are checked out to you on your library card, and must be returned at the end of the assignment.

Buying Textbooks

  • The library does not sell textbooks. If you want to buy, rent, or return a textbook, you need to talk to the Bookstore.
  • Having difficulty affording your textbooks? Please contact the Financial Aid Office. They can frequently help with this problem.

My online textbook doesn't work.

  • Some textbooks require a code that you get from the instructor. Check your Blackboard course to see if there is information about textbook key codes. You can also send e-mail to your professor.
  • If it's not a key code problem, you may need to get in touch with the bookstore, or the publisher.

Where Do I Return Textbooks?

Library Books

  • Books from the library's reserve collection should be be returned to the circulation desk.
  • Term Loans: If your instructor has made arrangements to gather the books at the end of class and return them, s/he will tell you what s/he wants you to do. Otherwise, items should be returned to the most convenient Atlantic Cape library or book drop. Make sure to use the library book drops, not the bookstore's return boxes.

Returning Rented Textbooks

  • Rented textbooks must be returned to the bookstore. For detailed information on returns (either rented books or purchased items), please check out the bookstore's return policy.
  • To return a text in person, call the bookstore to verify their hours.
  • You can mail your returns to the bookstore. Log into your bookstore account to get shipping information and labels. Be sure to include all necessary identifying information, so that your returned item will be credited to your account.
  • The bookstore has placed book drops on each campus for no-contact returns. Be sure to include all necessary identifying information, so that your returned item will be credited to your account. DO NOT RETURN TEXTBOOKS TO THE LIBRARY BOOK DROP!


Computers and Networks

Are the Computer Labs Open?

  • The computer labs in the libraries are open during library hours. 

Where Can I Use the Wireless Network?

  • Wireless connections are available campus-wide.

Where can I Use the Adobe Suite for Computer Graphics?

  • Adobe Suite is available on selected computers in each library. You will need a login code to use the Adobe programs. You can get your login code from the instructor of the computer class for which you have an Adobe assignment.

Can I Borrow a Computer?

  • The libraries also lend laptop computers, but only for use in the library; you can't borrow them to take home.

Study Space

I need a place to study. Where can I go?

  • Come to the library during regular hours. We have tables and chairs, and areas with comfortable seating. In Mays Landing and Cape May, there are rooms for group or quiet study.
  • If the library is not open, check out the cafeteria area for study space and wireless access.

What about Groups?

On Campus

  • Groups are welcome to meet and study in the library during regular hours. In Cape May and Mays Landing, group study rooms are available. When working in groups, please be mindful of other people working in the vicinity, and behave courteously. 
  • When the library is not open, check out the cafeterias for study and meeting space.


  • If you are in an online class or one that meets in cyberspace, and you have been assigned to group work, or want to form a study group, you may prefer to meet online. Free options for online study groups include:
    • Google Hangouts and Google Meet  are a video chat and conferencing apps that are part of G Suite.
      • You have access to all of the free Google apps through your Buccaneer account.
      • You can set up a time to meet, with video, audio, and text chat options.
    • Zoom is a free videoconferencing tool. Sign up for a free account.
      • Available for Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android.
      • Includes audio and video chat, screen sharing, white board, telephone participation, for those without internet connection.
      • Pay attention to privacy settings.

E-mail, Blackboard, and Self Service

I can't remember my Buccaneer Account user name/password.

  • Your Buccaneer account user name can be found in your academic profile in SelfService (formerly WebAdvisor), or in your Acceptance Letter. If you have lost or forgotten your email address, contact Enrollment Services at or (609) 343-5005, (609) 463-4774, ext. 5005.
  • If you've never logged into your account, here's information on your initial password (which you will need to change as soon as you log in).
  • If you've forgotten your password, try using the Forgot Password link on the login screen. If that does not work, you can contact Enrollment Services at or (609) 343-5005, (609) 463-4774, ext. 5005.

I never use my Buccaneer Account.

  • Here are instructions for forwarding mail from your Buccaneer account to another email account. It's very important to do this. The college sends key communications to your Buccaneer account.

I don't know my Blackboard Account user name/password.

I can't remember my Self Service user name/password.

  • Your user ID is:
    • first name, middle initial, last name (maximum 23 characters). 
      • All lower case, no spaces, no punctuation.
  • If you are using Self Service for the first time, or if you have not changed your initial password, then your password is:
    • your date of birth (mmddyy).  No spaces, no punctuation.
  • If you changed your password, and can't remember, check your password hint.
  • If you really can't remember, click the link to have your password reset. This can take a little while; you may need to log in later.

Financial Aid

I need help with my Financial Aid.

  • These videos will help you to fill out your FAFSA forms. Be sure to fill one out; there's scholarship money available.
  • If you need more help, send email to, or call (609)343-5082.