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Library Services: Research Assistance

Describes services available from the libraries at Atlantic Cape.

When in doubt, go to the library.

-- J. K. Rowling

Reference Services

Whatever Your Question, Librarians Can Help You to Find Information

When you need to find information to answer a question, complete a project, or conduct research on a topic, the Atlantic Cape librarians are your best resource for expert assistance. Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • Find your way around Atlantic Cape and the libraries.
  • Topic selection, definition and development.
  • Find facts and statistics.
  • Develop research strategies and find information for papers.
  • Search library catalogs, databases, and the internet.
  • Identify and locate library materials.
  • Select and evaluate sources.
  • Cite your sources.
  • Learn more about library services and resources.

Get Help

Visit the Reference Desk

The main reference desk is located in Spangler Library, on the lower level. 

Call the Reference Desk


Send a Question via Email

Set up a Research Consultation

Book an hour with a librarian, in any Atlantic Cape  library or online. We can help you wherever you are. Evening and weekend appointments are an option.

Call 609-343-5665 or send email to

Remember to tell us:

  • Your class
  • Your topic
  • When you would like to meet (possible dates and times)
  • Where you would like to meet (which campus, or online?)