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Research Tutorials: Home

Online tutorials help students learn about library services and the process of research, and give them tools to help them to master information literacy concepts.


Tutorials for Beginning Scholars and Researchers

Many assignments your will receive during your course of study will require some level of research, which is a process of solving problems and finding facts in an organized way.  The libraries of Atlantic Cape provide access to a wide variety of resources in print and electronic forms that you can use to perform your research.

Use the pages of this guide to view tutorials that will help you use the reference and research resources of the library and help you to prepare and organize the information needed to successfully complete your research assignments.

â–ºNeed additional help? Ask a librarian or meet with a tutor


  1. Getting Started: Learn about the libraries.
  2. Blackboard Help: Assistance with Blackboard tasks.
  3. Database Searching: Tricks and strategies for effective searching.
  4. Citation Tutorials: Learn how and why to cite souces.
  5. Citing Sources: More tools for learning citation.
  6. Need Help? Many ways to reach the librarians.

Comments, Problems, Suggestions?

If you encounter any technological difficulties downloading or using these tutorials, please contact Leslie Murtha at

Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are most welcome.


This guide was developed by Leslie Murtha, Atlantic Cape Community College Libraries, Revised and updated by Robert Mast and Leslie Murtha, April 2020.