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Books for English as a Second Language Students and Others: Home

Books in the ESL Collection, located at the Worthington Atlantic City library and in our Ebook Collections.


Welcome to the subject guide for Books for Students of English as a Second Language. Use the pages of this guide to find interesting books to read, and explore new worlds while you sharpen your language skills. All of the books listed can be found in the ESL and Reading Skills Collection in the library at Worthington Campus in Atlantic City, or online in our Ebsco eBooks Collections.

Using This Guide to Find a Book

Using this guide, you can search for interesting books by the type of story or by the level of English language reading skills it requires.

Genre or Story Type

Do you like adventure stories? Like to read about far-away places? Are you a mystery buff? Use the links on the left to browse the ESL collection by genre (story type) to find interesting books at a variety of different reading levels. Stories of adventure, romance, science fiction, mystery, humor, classic novels and many more story types are available in the library collection.

Lexile Level

Need to start with an easy book? Looking for something a little more challenging? Use the links on the left to browse the ESL collection by Lexile level.

Lexile levels can help you to decide whether a book is well-suited to your current English language skills. As the reading becomes more challenging, the Lexile level increases.

  • 300-799 = easy reading (4th to 7th grade)
  • 800-999 = intermediate level (6th to 9th grade)
  • 1000+ = advanced level (10th grade and up)

Note: Not all books in the collection have been assigned Lexile levels. For more selections, choose to browse books by type, or visit the library and browse the bookshelves.

Note: Many of the works in this collection are considered classics of literature or popular culture. As such, they frequently reflect attitudes and social norms that were prevalent at the time they were written.

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This guide was developed by Leslie Murtha, Atlantic Cape Community College Libraries.
Published 2014.