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Welcome to the subject guide for computer programming. The pages of this guide will help locate books, eBooks, articles and Internet resources to aide in your study of computer programming with Java, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, and SQL.

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Computer Code and Plagiarism

The reuse of code can be seen as good practice but copying other peoples computer code without citing it correctly may be a plagiarism violation. The MIT Academic Integrity Handbook for writing code provides a review of when and how to cite code used in your project.

APA Citations for computer software in research papers

  • Section 10.10 of APA 7th Edition

"Common software and mobile apps mentioned in text, but not paraphrased or quoted, do not need citations, nor do programming languages."

Examples of "common" software and apps include Microsoft Office, Facebook, Twitter, Survey Monkee, Adobe products, Java and statistical programs.  If you used common software or mobile apps during your research, simply give the proper name of the software or app along with the version number in the text.

  • For paraphrased or quoted software or apps
♦ Reference list entry

Author last name, first initials or name of group (year version published). Title of work (Version number) (Computer software), name of publisher, URL

♦ In-Text

  In narrative of text : Author last name, or name of group. (year of publication)

  Parenthetical citation : (Author last name, or name of group, year of publication)

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