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Atlantic Cape Art Gallery
Bee-uty Standardz art image

Bee-uty Standards

Spray paint, Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Resin ($480)

Beware art image


By: Ns2 Art & RIIAir (My Father)
Wood panel, Airbrush paint, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Resin gloss.

This artwork means a lot to my father and I. He originally created this piece in the year 2018. When I went to North Carolina last year, he told me to take it home and add my style to it. I was nervous at first because I knew how  much it meant to him. Let's just say, it turned out the CREATIVEPLANET way!—

Board walk vibez art image

Board-Walk Vibez

Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Top gloss ($175)

-Atlantic City abstracted.

calming sunset art image

Calming Sunset

Canvas board, Acrylic paint, Top coat spray paint, Gold paper ($215)

-Make time for yourself

classy secretz art image

Classy Secretz

Pre-stretched canvas, Gold sheets, Silver sheets, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Mod-podge. ($260)

-Unknown answers.

cosmic swirl art image

Cosmic Swirl

Epoxy, Chess board mold, Mica powder pigments.($180)

-Deep Dive into the CREATIVEPLANET.

deep forest art image

Deep Forest

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint ($175)

-A walk within a star lit forest, full of ideas and deep thoughts.

directionz art image


Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Soft glitter, Resin epoxy ($150)

-Art will always show you the path of true happiness

distortion art image


Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint ($125)

-A twist in vision.

do you see me art image

Do You See Me?

Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Top gloss spray paint. ($275)

-It's never a dull moment when you are with me.

enjoy your stay art image

Enjoy Your Stay

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Gold pigment ($350)

-Welcome to the CREATIVEPLANET

expressionz art image


Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint. ($375)

-Never judge an artist by their style. 

galaxy unfolding art image

Galaxy Unfolding

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint, Mod podge. ($450)

-Explore new worlds.

into the void art image

Into the Void

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint. ($180)

-No matter how dark it is, let your light shine bright

juizy fruit art image

Juizy Fruit

Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Black sharpie Marker, Resin. ($230)

-Sweetness, beauty, and purity.

layered up art image

Layered UP

Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint ($175)

-Take the time to understand each step of the way.

love me as I am art image

Love Me As I Am

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Black Sharpie Marker. ($240)

-I am more than just a body.

low rider art image

Low Rider

Longboard base, Spray paint, Gloss top coat, Acrylic paint. (Not For Sale)

-Kick push, coast.

meet me in the alley art image

Meet Me in The Alley

Pre-stretched canvas, Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Gold flakes.($475)

-Close your eyes and imagine if you were in Center City looking at the hidden artwork

mixed emotionz art image

Mixed Emotionz

Spray paint, Pre-stretched canvas. ($175)

-I'm not sure if this is right, but it feels amazing.

or.cosmic art image


Mannequin, Spray paint, Gold flakes, Acrylic paint. ($650)

-Don’t skip the good parts.

reaching for your dreamz art image

Reaching For Your DreamZ

Epoxy, Chess board mold, Gold charms, Mica powder pigments, Tarot cards. ($300)

-Never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your own goals.

starburst art image


Acrylic paint, Spray paint, Pre-stretched canvas. ($245)

-Creating a sweet treat for your eyes.

summa tingz art image

Summa Tingz

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint. ($195)

-Vacation within a canvas 

take your time art image

Take Your Time

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint. ($240)

-Do not rush the process

there is still room to grow art image

There Is Still Room To Grow

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Crystals, Natural rocks, Sand, Fake flowers, Gold paper. ($350)

-Never be too hard on yourself

twisted universe art image

Twisted Universe

Pre-stretched canvas. Spray paint, Acrylic paint. ($350)

-A look at where the CREATIVEPLANET resides.

vibrationzz art image


Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Mod-podge gloss. ($245)

-Close your eyes and see what you feel

vivid energy art image

Vivid Energy

Acrylic paint, Spray paint, Gold flakes, Pre-stretched canvas. ($230)

-Be as vibrant as you can be

wild visionz art image

Wild Visionz

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint top gloss. ($175)

-Finally breaking through.

yi-ya art image


Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint top gloss. ($150)

-Find the balance within yourself.

zenful rays art image

Zenful Rays

Pre-stretched canvas, Acrylic paint, Spray paint, Gold flakes. ($135)

-Take a deep breath, look up at the sky and take it all in.